This beautifully laid residential complex promises an entirely new dimension to luxury living. The charm of this project increases in respect to its alluring location. This promising location is a prefect dwelling place for anyone whose eyes are set on the future. Real fortune lies in the motive and ability to achive more. Hastinapur Smart Village promises you a world where everything is set to appreciation mode. Discover the privilege and luxury of enjoying the finer things in life.
Enjoy a sense os exclusive yet vibrant neighborhood. A peaceful space for you, your family and friends to relax, unwing or just discover yourself. Ushering into this paradise, where at every step opulence awaits tou and beautifully designed homes are all set to allure you. It offers the best of luxurious living that befits modern royals with all the ingredients of a contemporary, fulfilling lifestyle.


Near Sai Mandir, Patna


17 - 37 Lakh


560 - 1375 Sq. Ft.

Furnisher / Unfurnished

. . .

Plot Type

1 - 3 BHK


Dec, 2017 Expected

Builder Info

Hastinapur Infratech Pvt. Ltd.

Hastinapur Infratech Pvt. Ltd. is in the building profession is based in Patna and Goa. We Work with a buch of experts as we believe in a team effort. We are more than just skilled builders. Our real expertise is spearheading a collaboration of Construction and Design professionals to deliver on our client's vision. We are proud of our work with the most recognized and respected companies. We are coming up with our new project "Smat Village" with a contemporary design to give you pleasure and happiness.

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Unit Type Build Up Area Price/ Sq. Ft. Amenities + TAX Total Price
1BHK 560 Sq.Ft. Rs. 2400 Rs. 3,50,800 Rs. 16,94,800
2BHK 1060 Sq.Ft. Rs. 2400 Rs. 3,87,880 Rs. 29,31,880
2BHK 1175 Sq.Ft. Rs. 2400 Rs. 3,96,408 Rs. 32,16,408
2BHK 1180 Sq.Ft. Rs. 2400 Rs. 3,96,779 Rs. 32,28,779
2BHK 1250 Sq.Ft. Rs. 2400 Rs. 4,01,970 Rs. 34,01,970
3BHK 1250 Sq.Ft. Rs. 2400 Rs. 4,01,970 Rs. 34,01,970
3BHK 1375 Sq.Ft. Rs. 2400 Rs. 4,11,240 Rs. 37,11,240

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